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What Do Your Dreams Reveal?

Posted on Fri Mar 26th, 2021 @ 1:41am by Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Deep Space 12

Light hazel eyes smiled down on her, roaming gently over her face. Her back pressed against the floor she returned the stare, not shying away from all the exposed emotions displayed in her eyes, on her face. Aurelias arms slipped up above her head, her wrist stacked. It was a silent plea to recreate the position that sent her body shuttering. In response one strong scarred hand wrapped her wrists in its tight grip, pressing down against the floor.

The pressure at her wrists combined with the pressure of him between her legs fueled the flames that erupted in her core. His mouth came down to press against her collar bone, leaving a trail of heat where his lips met her skin. Her back arched at the contact, a moan escaped through her lips.

Aurelia jolted upright, almost causing her to topple over in her chair. The desk in front of her was littered with PADDs containing random reports from recent drills along with her collection of notes to review with Menun. The clock on the wall indicated the late hour, or early hour rather depending on your interpretation. Her duty shift would start in just a couple hours. Sighing she pushed herself away from the desk, her body was still feeling the effects of the erotic dream. She needed a cold shower. An ice cold shower.

A grumble roared loudly from her stomach. Apparently she needed food as well.
Oh the minor inconveniences of being human. Rather then utilize the replicator in her office she opted for a shower first. After locking up the office she headed for living accommodations section of the station. Her eyes were still glazed over with sleep, her spine aching from hours spent bent over a desk. Lately sleep seemed to find her less and less. Passing out at her desk was merrily her bodies way of finally giving into the exhaustion.

The station was just waking with activity. Still too early for a majority of its occupants to be out and about. Luckily, less traffic made the trek to her quarters quicker then usual.

She refused to let her mind analyze the dream. Pushing it as far into the back of her mind as she was able. It had been a few days since she had seen Chase. The dream had just been her bodies way of telling her it’s primal need she told herself. Another thought she buried as soon as it popped up.

To her surprise she made it home without stopping to converse with anyone. A rarity if there ever was one. Upon entry to her quarters she quickly began stripping her uniform off, tossing it onto a chair on her way to the shower.

The moment the cold water hit her skin she yelped. Grunting she moved to stand directly under the stream, allowing the cold water to raise goosebumps all over. Closing her eyes she saw flashes of the dream, remembered the pressure of his grip on her wrists, felt the heat warm her insides like his kisses did her skin. Contrary to the cold shower she was hot all over.

She tried to think of anything else. Anyone else. Failing, she began mentally compiling a list of tasks to accomplish that day. Mostly reports she needed to go over, inspections to schedule, inventory of all the weapons lockers to finish. There was also a nagging reminder she needed to stop at sickbay. Nothing too critical, just a check up she was due for. A quick in and out. At least she hoped.

* * *

“For someone that despises talking about her feelings you sure do fail at hiding them from an empath.” Baeryn curtly stated before bringing the steaming cup of tea to her mouth to lightly blow on.

Aurelia looked up from her breakfast to the wild haired operations chief seated across from her in the cafeteria. Completely unaware of how long she had been sitting submerged in the restless ocean that was her thoughts. Rather then responding with a half hearted excuse she shoved a fork full of eggs into her mouth.

"Or just ignore me entirely." Baeryn teased. Her obsidian eyes tried to lock onto her friends but Aurelia quickly looked back down. "Oh if only my tea was as interesting as that plate in front of you." Leaning onto her forearms she continued to pester her. "Come on Garrett, spill. It's not like you to be so caught up in your own head and so....quiet." The hybrid playfully scrunched her face in disgust.

The expression caused Aurelia to chuckle, but her heart wasn't in it. She shrugged, "There's nothing to spill."

"Now we're lying to the empath?" Baeryns left eyebrow rose.

"Stop doing that."

"Stop what? Caring? Not a chance."

"I'm fine." Aurelia glared across the table. After a few moments of Baeryn's silence the human heaved a sigh. "I'm just trying to process a dream I had. That's all. It's not my intention to be rude." Her eyes flicked to the clock on the wall and she started to rise from her chair collecting her plate to return it to the replicator. "I have a meeting with Menun, he'll be expecting me soon. I’ll catch up with you later."

Knowing there wasn't much else she could say to convince Garrett to open up she simply responded with a nod. Her abilities allowed her to sense something was troubling Aurelia, but not what that something was. She would just have to be patient and hope the girl would talk to someone else if not her.


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