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A Very Important Inspection

Posted on Wed May 5th, 2021 @ 8:23pm by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Lieutenant Chase Thatch

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Deep Space 12- Promenade
Timeline: Prior to Warmest of Greetings Dearest Brother

The promenade was a bustle of motion. In the east sector stood the assistant security chief conversing merrily with a couple of residents boasting about the resent delivery of Kzinti milk that was ‘to claw for’.

Aurelia’s eyes briefly left the residents to scan the immediate area. She had arrived early, from excitement or nerves, she wasn’t sure. Tucking an errant strand of hair behind her ear she turned back to the conversation.

Chase entered the promenade and scanned around the room, finding it difficult to locate her. He sighed as he walked around aimlessly not being used to being in such a busy place as he awkwardly doged trough people also keeping his tool bag from hitting anyone.

He was not sure what he would need since she was vague on details which he assumed was on purpose but just incase he brought his bag which was easily about 60 pounds or so as he weaved around people.

From the corner of her eye she saw Chase. Her stomach tightened and she had to concentrate on breathing. She cursed her bodies reaction. For a few seconds while she composed herself she nodded along with the conversation before politely excusing herself.

She slipped through the crowd with ease, silently appearing behind him. At first she hesitated, hand suspended in mid air, reaching toward his shoulder. A mischievous smile spread across her lips and she closed the gap tapping twice on his right shoulder.

He jumped a little as he turned. "Oh! There you are!" He said with a bright smile, as he chuckled. "Sorry, not used to big crowds much anymore. So what did you need help with?" He asked as he looked sweetly at her. When he spoke his southern accent shined through quite noticably.

Aurelia made show of peering behind Chase before leaning a little closer and hooking her pointer finger gesturing for him to follow her.

“This way. They don’t know we’re coming.” Aurelia took a couple steps backward before turning, feeling assured the engineer would follow her.

Thatch shivered a little at her words when she was that close. He looked over.his.shoulder confused before settling hisngaxe back on her form, walking away from his asking him to follow in more ways than just verbal request.

"Umm..okay?" He said as he followed behind her, his tall stature covering her 3 steps in just one of his own strides so he had to slow down which gave him a bit of a relaxed walk.

The corners of her mouth fought to perk up but as Chase fell into step beside her she kept her composure. Keeping all but the mask of a stoic security officer from her face she nodded to his tool bag, internally laughing at how prepared he had come.

“As appreciative as I am that you came fully prepared for... just about anything, I’m afraid you might not find need for your tools where we’re going.” All too soon her face cracked into a smile.

Now he was completely lost. As sharp as a mind he had, something he never was quite able to change was how gullible he was. He didn't know how to respond to what she had said. Insted he just just stayed at her side and followed her as she walked. What was she planning?

Aurelia led them through the throng of off duty personnel and a wide variety of species and shops. She inhaled deeply when they walked back a spice dealer. Taking in the spicy scents along with the earthy aromas.

It would be a couple minutes before they reached their destination. Chases’ height made it slightly difficult for her to study his facial expressions, in order to read his face she had to crane her neck, which would make her observations all too obvious. So conversation it would be.

“You haven’t been on the station long have you? How are you finding it so far?”

He chuckled as he tilted his head in thought. He looked like a big confused dog sometimes. "Well, it's definitely not what I was expecting." He started, "was not expecting my first two days to be filled with, building my old drones, doing a full repair of a garrison ship, attending a very large party and being stalked down by two doctors about my hands bringing up the past." He chuckled nervously. One thing that was clear he was not very good at sugar coating.

He smiled down at her. "However, I met a girl that wants to talk to me and is almost as good at fighting as she looks, so there's one thing." He said giving her a wink before looking forward again, slowing his stride again as he was starting to overstep.

Almost huh?” She huffed a laugh but rolled her eyes playfully. For a split second her attention fell to his hands, to find them wrapped once again. As they continued on towards the mysterious destination Aurelia returned a few waves to passerby’s. People who frequented the promenade were used to seeing Aurelia, almost expected her presence.

Lightly but with enough force to redirect him, Aurelia grabbed Chase by the elbow and led him down a corridor that was illuminated by shop signs and bright storefront lights used to spotlight items such as clothing apparel, food, and entertainment of all sorts.

Now he was completely lost. Chase looked around, usually his gaze landing back on her. "Where are you taking us?" He asked with a chuckle, not really sure what kinda inspection this was supposed to be.

He could not help but start to get progressively more suspicious. Oddly enough, something about this was nice though. From working all the time he didn't get to explore the station. To be honest, at this moment there was no on else he would rather be exploring with.

Aurelia smiled up at him but didn't answer his question. The shop they were headed to was just a few feet away. It was an ice cream parlor run by an Orion family with two young boys Aurelia was fond of. The shop front was lit up with neon lights and flashing images of ice cream creations. Just outside the shop were two young male Orions, no older then eleven play fighting with makeshift bat'leth's. Their small war cries caused Aurelia to silently laugh to herself before approaching them.

Standing tall she crossed her arms over her chest, her face taking on a more stoic expression as she addressed the youngins.

"I see your technique's have greatly improved."

Harro, the taller of the two boys immediately stood at attention once he caught sight of Garrett. Punching his brother in the arm for not following suit. Hotlik glared at his older brother but quickly stood shoulder to shoulder with him giving Aurelia his best salute.

"We've been practicing like you taught us!" Harro stated, pride written all over his green face.

Hotlik smiled broadly before rushing to Garrett and wrapping his arms around her waist causing her to laugh but squeeze him back. "Papa said you might come by." He said into her uniform shirt.

"Aye, I was told my expertise was requested." As she spoke she gently took the makeshift Bat'leth from Hotlik and admired it for a few moments. Smiling down at the boy and giving him a nod of approval and returning the toy weapon back to him. Hotlik quickly turned and ran towards his brother, the bat'leth raised above his head.

Smiling back at Chase, she gestured for him to follow her into the parlor. The interior of the shop was bright, open, and extremely colorful. A small space full of delight, making it near impossible to not smile. Aurelia led them to the serving bar, her eyes wide as they jumped from flavor to flavor. The shop owner greeted her with shared excitement. After exchanging pleasantries the Orion male handed Garrett two cones heaped with two large scoops of ice cream, swirled with reds and yellows, a slight glimmer in the red swirls.

She turned and held one out to Chase, "Its a new flavor, derived from Orion fruits similar to Earths apples."

Chase followed behind her, passing the boys as he gave a slight wave on the way past. He took the ice cream with a slightly confused smile on his face. Was this a date? Or was it just a way of bribery before she told him what she actually needed him for. One thing was for sure though, he could have sworn she actually smiled at him, not coy or challenging like the last two times they met but actual happy smile.

He took a small bite and sighed as the delicious taste crossed his taste buds. "wow, I never have tasted something like this before! You can make apples out of this stuff?!" He said, starting to look it over, it was completely new to his old southern taste. 'I have never been to a place like this either. What is it?" He asked, not realizing how out of the loop he probably sounded.

His enthusiasm made her chuckle, she was glad she could share this joy with him. "Have you never had ice cream before!?" She didn't wait for his reply before nodding for him to follow her again making her way to a high table designed for just two people. Seated, she tasted the ice cream, moaning at the luscious taste, the combination of flavors was genius and well balanced. Sweet but not overly fruity, she could swear there was also a hint of spice. Elbows perched on the table, she unconsciously leaned on the table, placing her closer to Chase then intentionally.

He sat down as he also unconsciously placed his for arm on the table, his eyes at the celling and his eyes closed trying to pick out the taste as he responded to her prior question. "No actually, back on earth I never even heard of it. Guess it was a city thing I never got to try." He said with a blank expression, really focusing on the taste as he smiled when it hit.

"My father would take me when I was young to the ice cream parlor in the city closest to our manor house. It was one of the only times he and I spent together, we both would get different flavors each time and share. My favorite changed ever time we went. When we had finally tried all the flavors we began trying new combinations, some not so appetizing. "She chuckled as the memory flashed in her mind, her heart felt sad knowing those memories and experiences would never happen again and that they were over all too soon.

Chase smiled at her, reflecting her own expression. "The only times I had with my old man were over work. He was... interesting." Chase chuckled. "Dad and I were the main fixers of the family of course, he used to work on planes actually, military stuff. He showed me everything he knew, we actually built our own and together, used to fly it all over the states and do deliveries to more out there places that old postal service couldn't." He smiled as he started to clench his fist slightly before loosing them again.

"We bonded over our work together. He taught me almost everything I knew before I left for the military. While I was stationed on my first vessel, he passed. Mom unfortunately is not far behind him..." He looked up with a slight smile. "But she is excited I met a pretty girl so, that's at least a start." He chuckled. His persistence at always looking upbeat, happy, and motivated was something to be admired.

Aurelias eyes held a hint of sadness in them when she replied, "I'm really sorry to hear that... about your parents I mean. Does your mother reside on Earth?"

He nodded with a smile, trying to lighten the mood back up despite his internal sadness. "Yepers, she lives back at our old house now. He left it to her so me, my sister and brother in law all pitched in to make it the house of her dreams. She's since made a few friends and I'll call her every week when time allows to let her know I'm still alive."

He smiled as he finished the glass of...whatever this stuff was, giving a satisfied 'ahh' after.

"Tell me more about your sister. " Given Aurelia's lack of communication with her own brother she was interested to learn more about his relationship with his sibling.

He smiled, "her name is Kristi. She's my older sister, her and my brother in law Joshua got married when he left the military." He spun the silverware around his fingers, obviously not used to actually sitting down and just talking. "She's amazing, a bit of a brat but amazing. Me and her used to sing together, I would usually play my guitar. She had a voice like an angel. She loved to draw while I color them in. We made some cool looking stuff. She has red hair, hazel eyes almost as good as mine." He chuckles. "We talk on occasions but we are both super busy, she's a teacher." He said as he sighed. "I miss her a lot when I'm gone."

Aurelia wished she could say the same, or at least thought her brother felt of her the way Thatch felt of his sister. She put on a brave smile as she finished her ice cream. "So fidgety Chase." She teased.

He waved a hand dismissively. "I just do that a lot when I'm talkin." He said, that the southern draw coming out again very clear. "So, are you gonna tell me what im actually here for?" He said with a coy smile. "If it's the date you wanted, ya could have just asked without me dragging all this gear with me." He said nodding to the bag on the ground.

"Maybe I just wanted to enjoy this with you." she shrugged, " I wasn't lying, this was a very important inspection. I just wasn't specific on the type of inspection we would be performing." She smiled deviously and tilted her head.

Thatch gave a deadpan expression before smiling and looking down at the table then back up at her. His hazel eyes seeming to draw hers. "Well, so long as your here, that's what makes it important." He delivered that line smooth as butter on a pan, his southern charm definitely working its magic. He hoped her intentions were a date, but he didn't wanna over estimate.

Garrett enjoyed the effect she had on Chase. He was so innocent. Standing she gave him her that signature feline grin of hers, "Maybe we could do this again Cowboy, you know, run an inspection together." She chuckled as she started to retreat from the table.

He chuckled. "Maybe, this one was pretty easy..." He knew her game all to well, he walked a bit faster than her with his strides as he walked past her, he brushed his hand over her hip. "Next time make it more of a challenge.." As he passed her he gave her a small kiss on the cheek, acting smooth as he could possibly muster. He gave her a wink with a smile, before putting the bag over his shoulder as he left. She would find the bill already having been paid for before he disappeared in the crowd.


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